Wellness Hotel in Moena – beauty treatments Ayurveda

The purification course in the beauty center of our wellness hotel in Moena Val di Fassa according to the GERARD’S method


According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, a fine relation ties the human being to nature and to his environment; the elements contained in nature (earth, water, fire, air and ether) are also contained inside us and there are parts of our body that represent them.  From the combination of the five elements arise three energies that all of us have in different ways and that are responsible for all vital processes. They are the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha; the three forces that determine the individual constitution, balance and emotional trends of each one of us.
The balance of the three Doshas corresponds to our physical and psychological balance and to our wellness; it is unstable and susceptible of being modified by every external influence.  In Ayurvedic medicine, it is sufficient to individuate one unbalanced Dosha (in fact, Dosha means “what tends to go out of balance”) to know which remedy will help getting back balance and harmony. In the Gerard’s method, based on Ayurveda, the same principle is used: first of all it is necessary to be able to make a diagnosis in order to understand which Dosha has to be re-balanced and then to use the most suitable custom-made treatments, combined with hints for a suitable diet, with essences, aromas, stones and - in general - the most appropriate natural materials.

Tibet – Treatment with Salts from the Dead Sea and Himalayan Pebbles
De-contracting, reactivating for the circulation, purifying, exfoliating, energetically re-balancing, draining, re-mineralizing - an excellent ally when treating contracted and intoxicated tissues, for venous and lymphatic stases with corresponding disorders (cellulite, especially of the edematous kind), and for general stress. In particular, the draining effect on tissues and the relaxing effect on muscles is visible already during the treatment. The final result is a soft and velvety skin, a pleasant sensation of heat, lightness and deep relaxation, also due to the massage, and these effects continue during various hours after the treatment. The Tibet treatment is suitable to all skin types (men and women) and is only contra-indicated in case of wounds, abrasions or sunburns. € 95,00

Chakra Stone Massage Ayurvedic energizing massage
The "Massage with stones that irradiate heat” is an art that unites delicate manual moves to the properties of the stones. When the previously heated lava stones get in touch with the body they release energy that gives serenity and wellness.
A living stone. The protective volcano from which the stone has been taken has given it a relaxing and curing heat. The river that followed its journey has caressed it, teaching it “caresses for our soul”. The sun has friendly darted it with mysterious and distant energies.
The aim of this massage is to eliminate the alterations of the vital force, considered to be the real reason of many physical disorders. It is based on the principle of “energetic therapy”, such as acupuncture, shiatsu, digital pressure therapy; by stimulating some body parts we stimulate energy that give us a better living, we address the force container in us to be where we need it and disperse it where there is an excess of it. The "Chakra Stone Massage" does not only alleviate physical symptoms or disorders but confronts their causes respecting recommendations coming from the millenary oriental wisdom. In this way, body and soul are caressed and tensions are dissolved that like poisonous knots tie up themselves to these disorders. A gem is a treasure-case of frequencies, colours, and warmness. It stores them, focuses, amplifies and regulates them. A gem interacts with us, cheers us up or stimulates us, activates or represses pulsations and feelings. Applying it on the Chakra points of our body, it passes its vibrations and possibilities to us. € 95,00




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