Beauty center Hotel Alle Alpi Moena – Body treatment

Classical massages

•    Lymphatic drainage massage  € 60,00
•    Relaxing massage
•    Tonic and Stimulant massage
•    Decontracting back massage

Treatments bandages remodeling

Iodo salin: € 65,00

Ice Tonic:  € 65,00
for the treatment of cellulite


Customized treatments for a relaxed wellness holiday in Val di Fassa.


Purifying Compress with Aroma-massage
delight for senses Oxygenating, draining and -first of all -exquisitely aroma massage curative. € 65,00

Thalasso-therapy and massage - Talasso Eau Marine
Treatment with spirulina-seaweed, sea water, essential oils anti-cellulite, a highly draining and Toning-stimulating. € 65,00

Treatment Shea butter

Restoring, moisturizing and suppling treatment
Indications and functions: For the treatment of dehydrated, dry, flaking skin; to prepare the skin for tanning and to re-moisturize it after exposure to sun and UV rays. Functions: deeply moisturizing, regenerating, softening, suppling, restoring, anti-aging. € 70,00


Body treatment with Peat anti-cellulite re-modelling

Non-iodinated treatment with draining and purifying actions Indications and functions: For the treatment of diffused cellulite and toxins; the ideal substitute for seaweed treatments in case of hyperthyroidism, where the iodinated compounds are contraindicated. Functions: anti-cellulite, draining, purifying € 65,00


Krioplast Green Tea
“Flat belly” treatment
Indications and functions: Alginate specific for the treatment of adiposity and swelling of the abdomen, with relaxed, inelastic tissues lacking in tone. Reducing, anti-swelling, toning. It acts onto the lipolysis, stimulating the circulation and eliminating toxins. € 65,00

Ritual Candles

Involving, sensorial, touching and unisex: the alchemy of new delight
Ritual Candles: lighting your delight
The flames of Ritual Candles radiate four sumptuous essences, each one corresponding to the elements of the signs of the Zodiac. Body and mind are in constant need of different stimulus. Let’s treat ourselves with a magical moment and enhance the benefits of the massage with these candles. Indulge in the fresh marine fragrance of Acqua, the exhilarating bouquet of Aria, the sensual warmth of Fuoco, and the spicy scent of Terra. The massage will turn into a new delightful experience. € 70,00


Seaweed Synergy

Seaweed mud and freeze-dried seaweeds for the treatment of cellulite and adiposity
Indications and functions: Seaweed mud is an exclusive compound obtained from the mixture of green clay, thermal mineral water, Fucus seaweed and active ingredients (Ivy, Horse chestnut, Papaya) with draining, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous properties. The freeze-dried Fucus Seaweed reactivates the blood and lymphatic subcutaneous circulation, stimulates the cell’s metabolism, helping in eliminating toxins with a reducing, detoxifying and oxygenating action.  € 65,00


Purifying treatment with Salts from the Dead Sea/Kiwi 
Thermal Mud and Dead Sea Salts. Draining, purifying, reactivating for the circulation. For arthrosis, rheumatic pains, contracted joints, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. € 65,00




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