Wellness holidays in Val di Fassa - Nature treatments

The precious assets of the nature turned into treatments of beauty honey, chocolate and oil to olive – Beauty Center of the Hotel Alle Alpi Moena

Chocolate massage
"Massage that pampers you" with Chocolate. Softening, "greedy", irresistible - a true multi-sensorial "full immersion" in a physical and mental wellness.
For this special treatment Gerard's uses C(h)OCCOLA(t), a special mix of Cocoa and Cocoa Butter. Cocoa (Teobroma Cacao) is a tropical plant and its fruits contain oval seeds that are similar to the almond seeds. Cocoa Butter is the natural fat obtained when the cocoa seed pulp is heated, pressed and filtered; the remaining cocoa paste is then minced and reduced to powder to obtain cocoa powder. Cocoa contains natural anti-oxidants such as Polyphenoles, Theobromine and Tannin that have beneficial effects both on the circulatory system (dilates the vessels) and on a psychological level. In fact, it is proven that cocoa induces the production of endorphins, the “natural substances of happiness” that are able to increase the activity of serotonine, the neuro-transmitter that promotes good mood. Cocoa butter is one of the most stable fats known and has san excellent softening, nourishing, moisturising, protective and anti-ageing action. In cosmetics it is used for cocoa-butter for lips, in sun-products, emulsions and even in face masks.
For everyone who wishes to have a very gratifying, multi-sensorial massage with a relaxing, anti-stress and endorphinic effect that helps getting back a good mood. To moisturise, nourish and soften the body skin. € 70,00

Oloil olive oil treatment
Nourishing - elasticising - balancing - anti-oxidations Energising - ant cellulite/firming (body) Gerard’s has perfectionned the Oloil treatment with olive oil to be customized according to the needs, with nourishing, elasticising, balancing and anti-oxidations functions for face, and with energising, anti-cellulite and/or firming functions for body. During the toning and/or draining stage, the olive oil (Oloil Gel and Oloil Fluid) is applied with the techniques that are most suitable to the problem being treated (loosening, connective moves, etc.). The treatment then includes an energising-revitalising stage (massage and compress with Oloil Gel or Basilikos. € 70,00

Magic Honey a treatment with Honey
For anyone who has a dry, stressed skin lacking in oxygen and in elasticity and nourishment with insufficient superficial circulation and stagnation of fats and liquids. € 70,00




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