Hotel Alle Alpi Beauty e Relax

Strada de Moene, 67 38035 Moena (TN)

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Fully committed to offering a safe holiday

Guest safety is our

Our Covid Safe Hotel procedures

Our Hotel is supervised by an expert consultant in the field to detect and adopt all anti Covid-19 measures.

Guidelines are applied as per World Health Organization (WHO) instructions following regional and national health authorities directives.

We are constantly working to welcome you safely, organizing a sanitizing and disinfection system by supplying all the environments with the required equipment. Your safe holiday is one of our priorities.

As health comes first, all our team does the serological test at the beginning of each season.

Temperature detection

At the Hotel’s entrance you find a latest generation thermoscanner; this system is automatic and measures the body temperature of each person at each entrance.

We are adopting the operational Vademecum according to TRENTINO’S SECURE CLEAN protocol, to make the Hotel even more secure.

We had to introduce some prevention rules to ensure compliance with the hygiene and safety protocols. Our Team carried out the HACCP refresher course and the training course on anti Covid-19 operating regulations.

Here below are listed some infos for your knowledge:

  • A thermoscanner is placed at the entrance: temperature measurement is appreciated each time you enter the Hotel;
  • Our Team will check on social distancing;
  • Please wear the mask when moving around the Hotel and in common areas; wear the mask when you are not sitting at the table in the Restaurant and in the bar;
  • Sanitize your hands often, special dispensers with disinfectant gel are placed in various points around the Hotel;
  • Keep at least 1 meter safety distance from the others if you are not cohabitants or family members;
  • If you need a mask please contact the reception;
  • Newspapers, magazines, paper material have been removed for your safety. You can ask for information brochures and maps at the reception;
  • Please download the QR CODE for Hotel information, activity programs and tourist information from your smartphone or tablet;
  • For the internet point please contact the reception desk;
  • The wardrobe/coat hanger at the entrance of the Hotel is not usable therefore personal clothing (such as jackets, hats, backpacks, etc.) must be deposited in the room.

Disinfection and sanitization

All surfaces and contact points are sanitized and disinfected several times a day, under the supervision of our Covid-19 referent. We have upgraded the sanitation system of all common areas and rooms by using two systems: silver-ion-based atomizer and ozone system. These allow to clean deeply all fabrics (curtains, blankets, bedspreads) as well as drawers, wardrobes, surfaces and objects using natural products and compounds to guarantee a completely ecological cleaning method, leaving no chemical residues behind. In sensitive areas you will find automatic dispensers with hand sanitizer; if you need masks and gloves, kindly contact the reception.

Swimming pool and Wellness Center

Opening hours have been extended to allow a safe access. Entering the area requires advance booking. The reservation can be made the day before or the day of use. The shift duration is maximum 50 minutes per day. We disinfect and sanitize the Center after each shift using the silver-ion-based atomizer.

Beauty Center

Available every day, upon reservation. Our beautician, will be happy to welcome you with all the necessary equipment.

Mini Club service (4-12 years)

Children must be accompanied by a family member and entrusted to the assistant. Kids over six years of age will have to enter wearing the mask accompanied by a family member. All kids have to sanitize their hands before entering the game room.


In the Restaurant we kindly request to wear the mask when moving around and not sitting at the table. Please sanitize your hands before entering the Restaurant; Guests have to wear the disposable gloves to take food at the self-service Buffet (appetizers and vegetables). You can scan the QR CODE to see the menu of the day, the wine list and the dessert menu. Tables are placed more than 1 meter distance and the same table is assigned for the entire stay. We might need to organise two shifts for dinner, in order to avoid gatherings in the Restaurant. It will be the management’s concern to communicate it if necessary.


The Staff in charge follows a scrupulous check-list prepared by the Covid-19 referent using specific products and equipment sanitizers, certified disinfectants (PMC), clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE). All linen follow a washing cycle with certified products. To ensure proper sanitation, we also intervene on objects and furnishing accessories apparently not used by the Guests and on all fabrics, sanitizing them with two systems: silver ion-based atomizer and ozone system. These systems allow to clean deeply all fabrics (curtains, blankets, bedspreads, etc.) as well as drawers, wardrobes, surfaces and present objects. Both systems use natural products and compounds for ecological cleaning leaving no chemical residues behind. To eliminate the risk of contamination from one room to the other, we use microfibre, a kit of cloths for each room (blue for furnishings and glass, fuchsia for sanitary ware and toilet, green for sanitization) and disposable fringe for the floor. We have eliminated some furnishing elements such as rugs, paper material, brochures and drinks from the mini-bar; these can be requested and arranged by contacting the reception. At your arrival you will find the SECURE CLEAN sign, certifying the check-list control by our Covid-19 referent, proving that your room has been sanitized according to the regulations in force.

Products and equipment used

All areas, environments, surfaces and objects are constantly sanitized with certified products:

  • Disinfectant-Sanitizer MULTI ACTIV® and SANIMED® MEDICAL SURGICAL DEVICE  Registration by the Health Ministry n. 20058.
  • Disinfectant-Sanitizer SANI-ACTIVE ® MEDICAL SURGICAL DEVICE  Registration by the Health Ministry n. 20058.
  • Disinfectant COOPERBACTER® AEROSOL is an aerosol with 96% alcohol composition.
  • Disinfectant LYSOFORM PROFESSIONAL  Registration by the Health Ministry n. 20058 Regulation 648/2004 EC on detergents.
  • ERSA medical device 1st class atomizer non-toxic, based on electrically-generated-silver-ions and stabilized in citric acid, to disinfect and sanitize.
  • AIRFARM OFD-1500 OZONE generator The OxyFarm ozone generator is designed for water and air treatment to improve air quality, killing bacteria and viruses, stopping the growth of mold and removing bad smells, etc. This model uses the latest in quartz and stainless steel tube technology, which makes’it more suitable for use with ambient air. This ozone generator can be widely used in various industries for sterilization and disinfection, removal of annoying odors, etc. due to its long life and high performance.

Our strong point

Our Hotel is relatively small, with its 33 rooms and 70 beds, therefore we can guarantee implementation of the above in a fast, precise and effective way.

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