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Strada de Moene, 67 38035 Moena (TN)

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The realm of relaxation and beauty... a revitalizing path for body and mind

A Wellness holiday

Our Beauty and Relax Wellness Center in Moena Val di Fassa is inspired by the ancient Roman baths and built with precious natural materials according to cutting-edge technologies and managed in compliance with strict criteria of maximum hygiene.

The area is always attended by an assistant who has the task of supervising compliance with the hygiene rules and providing instructions and advice on how to use the structure and equipment.

The Wellness Center is completely disinfected every day with a special antibacterial and antifungal product certified by the Ministry of Health according to the Covid-19 regulation.

Wellness access is allowed from 16 years. Children of all ages can enter the pool accompanied by a family member (Wellness set is provided).

The use of swimsuit is compulsory.

Maximum hygiene and safety

Wellness Tour

We have thought of a 'Wellness Tour' itinerary lasting about one hour. In the Wellness area swimsuit is compulsory, but if you prefer not to use it, just ask for the special sarongs in natural sponge. The Wellness itinerary includes: Finnish sauna, Roman sauna (Laconicum), Turkish bath (Calidarium), Frigidarium and Tepidarium. To enter the Wellness Center a reservation is required in order to avoid gatherings and offer our Guests a moment of pure pleasure in complete relaxation and safety.
Due to COVID-19 safety regulations, entry is by reservation only and for a limited number of people. Reservations can only be made on site on a daily basis. In order to better meet the needs of our Guests, we have extended opening hours: the time spent per entry will be 50 minutes and the number of entries will be agreed at the time of booking according to the length of stay.

Dry bath 80-110 °C

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish Sauna is a real cure-all: the body, to counteract the high temperature, triggers a thermoregulation process that causes intense sweating, favoring the opening of the skin pores and elimination of toxins, with cardiovascular and muscular benefits. The dry climate of the sauna is also suitable for chronic rheumatism and arthrosis, but above all to stimulate the immune system by preventing inflammation, flu and colds.

45-48° C 98% humidity, benches 39°C not heated isolated walls

Calidarium, Turkish steam bath

Hot steam helps regulating the skin pH improving hydration and stimulating the cleansing process. This bath improves respiratory function: steam is enriched with a natural essence, making it a pleasurable aromatic bath. Recommended duration is 15-20 minutes; session may be repeated two or three times with 15 minute breaks.

65° C (benches 39° C, walls 85° C)

Laconicum or Roman sauna

After 10-15 minutes in the Laconium, intense sweating sets in, allowing the detoxification of body tissues. Thanks to the natural transmission of heat, it helps prevent and relieve a number of conditions, in particular those affecting the digestive organs: liver, intestine, pancreas and stomach. The Laconicum relieves migraine, rheumatic and menstrual pain. This bath is suitable for people of all age and recommended duration is about 35 minutes.

Heated deckchairs at 39 °C

Tepidarium, Relax room

The heated marble loungers warm up the body creating a localised fever like state that increases fat metabolism. To induce optimal relaxation, soothing lemon essence is diffused throughout the Spa. Nothing is left to chance here at the Spa of Hotel Alle Alpi Beauty e Relax!

Cold environment and bath 5-10 °C

Frigidarium, Cool-off area

Cooling off the body after a Sauna or Turkish bath session stimulates blood circulation. In this area you find an ice fountain and a fjord shower. Our Spa offers a cold revitalising mist shower with mint essence, consisting in millions of atomized water particles associated with a relaxing blue light colour therapy program; a hot tropical shower with passion fruit essence associated with an orange light colour therapy program; a revitalising full body water massage with nine nozzles.

massaggio con pietre laviche presso spa hotel alle alpi
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