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Guest Card, Panoramapass, Bike Express and more

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Val di Fassa Guest Card

from: 14/06/2021 – to: 10/09/2021

Free for Guests staying at Hotel Alle Alpi Beauty e Relax!

The ticket for your summer in the Dolomites: the Val di Fassa Guest Card gives access to plenty of activities, attractions and services – either free of charge or at a reduced price – for a tailor-made experience in the Dolomites; take the Val di Fassa Guest Card always with you to benefit of all the advantages included in your holiday; now it is even easier, thanks to its digital version!


Moving with the Val di Fassa Guest Card
Once arrived in the valley, the card gives you the possibility to leave your car parked. In fact, in Val di Fassa you can easily travel in an eco-friendly way by using the public transports. Or, if you prefer, you can even depart and leave your car at home.

Val di Fassa Guest Card advantages:

  • free access to the entire provincial network served by the public means of Trentino Trasporti (urban and exurban lines, mountain passes included San Pellegrino-Falcade, Pordoi, Fedaia);
  • free access to the SAD public means (line no. 180 Bolzano-Pera di Fassa, line no. 471 Canazei-Sella Pass and Sella Pass-Pordoi Pass) to all the digital Val di Fassa Guest Card holders (APP; paper cards are not accepted);
  • 40% discount on both adults and children tickets to Val San Nicolò and Val Monzoni;
  • discount on the one-day and one-week tickets of the summer public transport service in the municipality of San Giovanni di Fassa (Vigo-Pozza-Pera);
  • 0,50 € reduction on the return ticket (complete tour) for the Fassa Express the tourist train of Canazei and Campitello;
  • 20% reduction on both adults and children one-way tickets on the bus Fiemme-Fassa Bike Express;
  • discount voucher for the purchase of a Flixbus and MarinoBus ticket to reach Trentino.


Off we go, on the adventure with Val di Fassa Guest Card
Every summer, the calendar of the activities scheduled in the valley, is enriched by the several initiatives that the Val di Fassa Tourist Board dedicates to the guests. You can choose among:

  • MTB test day for children (from 6 to 14 years), MTB mini tour and lessons with trial tracks by the skill park, guided by specialized instructors. Every Monday in Soraga and in Canazei;
  • MTB test day for adults guided MTB tour (medium/easy level, to refine your technique on the fat tires. Every Monday in Soraga and in Canazei;
  • introduction to climbing for children (from 7 to 14 years), during this full-day activity, we will learn to climb with the help of an Alpine guide. Every Tuesday in Canazei and in Pozza;
  • introduction to climbing for adults, a day of outdoor activities on an adventure track, surrounded by the Dolomites, with the mountain guides. Every Tuesday in Canazei and in Pozza;
  • workshop for adults and children, an introduction to the geology and mineralogy of the Dolomites (every Tuesday and Thursday in Vigo);
  • “Spectacular Trekking“, easy, animated excursion to introduce the children (from 4 to 10 years old) to the nature of the Dolomites. Every other Thursday;
  • Alpine echoes” original, immersive audio performance, pushing to contemplate to the alpine landscape and to its natural rhythm. Every other Thursday;
  • Geo-trekking in the Dolomites“, guided excursion with the experts from the MUSE (Science Museum of Trento) to know more about the environment of the Dolomites. Every Thursday.

Taking part to these initiatives is easy and free. You just have to enroll by the Tourist Offices and Sport Check Points of the valley (within 6.30 p.m. on the previous day). Early booking is highly recommended.


Flavours and culinary traditions with Val di Fassa Guest Card
Advantages included in the Val di Fassa Guest Card:

  • Around the farmhouses“, guided visit to a mountain farmhouse with tasting of zero miles products (on payment). Every Monday in Vigo, Tuesday in Vigo, Wednesday in Moena, Friday in Soraga;
  • A bubbling visit“. Guided visit with tasting by the artisanal mountain brewery “Rampeèr” in Campitello di Fassa. Every Wednesday.

Taking part to these initiatives is easy. You just have to enroll by the Tourist Offices and Sport Check Points of the valley (within 6.30 p.m. on the previous day). Early booking is highly recommended.


Fun has no age with Val di Fassa Guest Card
Advantages included in the Val di Fassa Guest Card dedicated to families with children:

  • € 2,00 reduction on the entry tickets to the adventure parks of the valley (Adventure Park Piciocaa in Pozza di Fassa and Dolomiti Action Adventure Park in Campitello di Fassa);
  • reductions on the entry tickets to the mini golf courses of the valley (Fantolin Golf in Moena and Panorama in Pozza di Fassa);
  • 20% discount on the climbs with the Alpine guides by the climbing centre “Adel” in Campitello di Fassa;
  • € 1,00 € reduction on the half-day ticket and € 2,00 reduction on the one-day ticket to the playground Fiabilandia in Moena;
  • 10% reduction on the entry ticket to the tennis, soccer, beach-volley and bowls courts by the Sport Centre Navalge in Moena;
  • 10% discount on all the games/services by the Fassa Park in Canazei (the discount does not apply by the kiosk bar);
  • 20% discount on the entry fee and on the games by the Canazei Fun Park.



At the discovery of the history with Val di Fassa Guest Card
Advantages included in the Val di Fassa Guest Card:


It’s all a matter of sport with Val di Fassa Guest Card
Further discounted activities (-10%) for all the Val di Fassa Guest Card holders (information and enrolments by the Fassa Guide; the programme may change):

  • Yoga for climbers. Focus and flexibility are two common elements between climbing and yoga. With the mountain guides, you can try this exciting combined activity;
  • historical excursion of Marmolada glacier with the mountain guides. Roped-crossing on the glacier with visit to the Great War posts and museum (intermediate level);
  • Via Ferrata Col Rodella. Introduction day to rock climbing with a mountain guide.

More information

How to get the card?
If you book your holiday at Hotel Alle Alpi in Moena, you will receive complimentary the Val di Fassa Guest Card. The Val di Fassa Guest Card is free and available in digital or paper form.

Have you downloaded the App Guest Card?
The App Guest Card is available for both Android and iOS and it gives you the chance to always have your card at your disposition. You just need to download it from the store for free, login by inserting the details of your card, click on “Your Guest Card” and show it to benefit of the discounted activities and services.
The App also allows you to issue the tickets to use the public transports (Trentino Trasporti) for free during your holiday, from the first day of validity of your card. To enable this function, just push the “Ticket – Travel on buses and trains” button.

Getting to Trentino by public transport?
Download the App and switch on the “Mobility Pass” to reach your destination.
After booking your holiday, one week before the arrival (on request even sooner), you will receive via e-mail your Val di Fassa Guest Card (by downloading the App Val di Fassa Guest Card, you can activate the “Trentino Mobility Pass” to reach your destination). The pass is valid on your arrival day only, for a trip departing from Trentino and arriving to Val di Fassa. Once you have reached the Hotel, you can go on using the public transport by using the App Val di Fassa Guest Card.
The “Mobility Pass” to reach your destination includes a discount voucher to purchase a ticket for the companies Flixbus and MarinoBus travelling to Trentino. Once arrived in Trentino, reach your destination in Val di Fassa for free by using the (Trentino Trasporti) public transports (the pass is valid on your arrival day only and for journeys with departure and arrival within Trentino).

Paper format card
Once arrived in the valley, if you request to have the Val di Fassa Guest Card in paper format, you just need to exhibit it to access to the discounted activities/services.
In order to travel on the public transports, instead, it is necessary to have the transport card also (you will receive it together with the Val di Fassa Guest Card in paper format). The card needs to be validated on the transport means or by the train stations.

Discover the experiences included in the Trentino Guest Card

Before making use of the services, attractions and activities included in the card, kindly verify their actual availability and/or opening/closing date.

Panorama Pass

Explore the Dolomites

With PanoramaPass you can easily move at altitude using the transport, it means that you can be most in harmony with the nature. The Card, born from the experience of the winter ski pass, allows to travel with no limits (even with more runs a day) by the cable cars, cabin lifts and chair lifts open in summer in Val di Fassa: from Marmolada to Pordoi, from Sassolungo to Catinaccio, from Lusia to Col Margherita, from Costabella to the Monzoni chain. The pass gives access to 30 mountain lifts – on some of which it is even allowed to transport bikes – and 15 are the cash desks where to buy it, in addition to all the tourist offices of the valley. An extraordinary offer to discover and explore the Dolomites, by easily getting up to over 2,000 metres of altitude, and venture along the numerous mountain tracks, or simply enjoy the most enchanting landscapes while sitting on the terrace of one of the several mountain huts and alpine refuges.


PanoramaPass, valid from June 4th to October 9th 2022, is also convenient, thanks to three purchasing formulas: 3 days out of 6, 6 days out of 6 or 7 days out of 13.


PanoramaPass is valid from 04/06/2022 to 09/10/2022 and it is available in three purchasing formulas. Prices: 

  • 3 days out of 6: adults € 68,00; juniors (born after 21.05.2006) € 40,00free for children born after 21.05.2014. You can take the lifts during 3 days within the 6 consecutive days of validity of the card.
  • 3 days out of 6 (online purchase): adults € 65,00; juniors (born after 21.05.2006) € 39,00free for children born after 21.05.2014. You can take the lifts during 3 days within the 6 consecutive days of validity of the card.
  • 6 days out of 6: adults € 95,00juniors (born after 21.05.2006) € 61,00free for children born after 21.05.2014.
  • 6 days out of 6 (online purchase): adults € 91,00juniors (born after 21.05.2006) € 58,00free for children born after 21.05.2014.
  • 7 days out of 13: adults € 112,00; juniors (born after 21.05.2006) € 70,00free for children born after 21.05.2014. You can take the lifts during 7 days within the 13 consecutive days of validity of the card.
  • 7 days out of 13 (online purchase): adults € 107,00; juniors (born after 21.05.2006) € 67,00free for children born after 21.05.2014. You can take the lifts during 7 days within the 13 consecutive days of validity of the card.

PanoramaPass is a personal document and it may not be transferred. In order to obtain the junior discount or a children free pass a valid proof of identity is necessary (self-certification is not valid).

Family promotion summer 2022“: purchasing simultaneously 2 adult PanoramaPass tickets (parents or accompanying adults) together with 2 (or multiple) junior PanoramaPass tickets (born after 21.05.2006), you get the second junior ticket for free. The promotion is valid for multiple of 2 juniors, up to a max. number of 3 junior free tickets. Children until 8 years, born after 21.05.2014 travel for free (relation 1:1). The combi-pass is not valid for organized groups.

Dogs: travel for free. The use of leash and muzzle is compulsory.

*Bike transport is not included in the PanoramaPass ticket. Surcharges to be checked by the individual lift cash desks, where the bike transport is allowed.

PanoramaPass season ticket: adults € 295,00; junior (born after 21.05.2006) € 195,00.

Reductions for organized groups (info by the lift cash desks).


Where to buy

PanoramaPass is on sale by all the tourist offices in Val di Fassa (from June 11th to September 18th), by the Sport Check Point offices and by the following lift cash desks:

  • Alba di Canazei: 130 – Funifor Alba – Col dei Rossi
  • Alba di Canazei: 131 – Cabinovia Alba – Ciampac
  • Canazei: 101 – Cabinovia Canazei – Belvedere
  • Campitello di Fassa: 141 – Funivia Campitello – Col Rodella
  • Pozza di Fassa: 201 – Cabinovia Pozza – Buffaure
  • Pera di Fassa: 217 – Seggiovia Vajolet 1
  • Vigo di Fassa: 211 – Funivia Vigo – Catinaccio
  • Carezza – Passo Costalunga: 401 – Telecabina Laurin I (Nova Levante)
  • Carezza – Passo Costalunga: 402 – Telecabina König Laurin I
  • Carezza – Passo Costalunga: 403 – Telecabina König Laurin II
  • Carezza – Passo Costalunga: 404 – Seggiovia Tschein
  • Carezza – Passo Costalunga: 411 – Seggiovia Paolina
  • Moena Lusia: 201 – Cabinovia Ronchi – Valbona
  • Passo San Pellegrino: 303 – Seggiovia Costabella
  • Passo San Pellegrino: 309 – Funivia Col Margherita

Cassa automatica con carta di credito presso gli uffici skipass di Canazei, Campitello di Fassa e Pera di Fassa (seggiovia Vajolet 1).



Buy your PanoramaPass online and pay with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). You’ll receive a purchase confirmation with a voucher via email. Keep the voucher and, at your arrival in Val di Fassa, bring it to the cash desk of the lifts or to the pick-up box outside the ski pass office in Canazei to quickly get your PanoramaPass. The accommodation facilities taking part in the Hotel Ticket Service will give the ticket to their guests at the moment of their arrival.
Purchase PanoramaPass



Area – Lift


Passo Fedaia – Marmolada

13 – Chair lift Padon

0437 722145

Alba di Canazei – Ciampac

131 – Cabin lift Alba – Ciampac*

0462 608856

136 – Chair lift Roseal – Giumela

0462 608856

Canazei – Belvedere – Passo Pordoi

101 – Cabin lift Canazei – Pecol*

0462 608811

102 – Cable car Pecol – Col dei Rossi

0462 608823

130 – Funifor Alba – Col dei Rossi*

0462 608856

105 – Cabin lift Pian Frataces

0462 608811

103 – Cable car Sass Pordoi

0462 601130

126 – Cabin lift Vauz – Pordoi (Fodom)

0462 601525

Campitello di Fassa – Col Rodella – Passo Sella

141 – Cable car Campitello – Col Rodella*

0462 750261

152 – Chair lift Rodella – Des Alpes

0462 750261

155 – Cabin lift Pradel – Rodella

0462 750261

56 – Cabin lift Forcella Sassolungo

0471 773102

Pozza di Fassa – Buffaure

201 – Telecabina Pozza – Buffaure*

0462 763339

206 – Chair lift Buffaure – Col Valvacin

0462 763339

Vigo di Fassa – Pera di Fassa

211 – Cable car Catinaccio Rosengarten*

0462 763242

215 – Chair lift Pian Pecei – Ciampedìe

0462 763242

217/218 – Seggiovie Vajolet 1* e Vajolet 2

0462 763242

223 – Chair lift Pian Pecei – Pra Martin

0462 763242

Carezza – Passo Costalunga

401 – Telecabina Laurin I (Nova Levante)*

0471 612112

402 – Telecabina König Laurin I*

0471 612112

403 – Telecabina König Laurin II*

0471 612112

404 – Chair lift Tschein*

0471 612112

411 – Chair lift Paolina*

0471 612112

Moena – Alpe Lusia

201 – Cabin lift Ronchi – Valbona*

0462 573207

202 – Cabin lift Valbona – Le Cune

0462 573207

Passo San Pellegrino

309 – Cable car Col Margherita*

0462 573676

303 – Chair lift Costabella*

0462 573016

Falcade – Col Margherita

408 – Cabin lift Falcade – Le Buse

0437 507044

* Sale point PanoramaPass

The lifts in Val di Fassa that take part in the PanoramaPass offer have different opening hours that need to be verified before any excursion.

Bike Express

A beautiful and modern bike path

An opportunity to make the best use of our modern and beautiful bike path that runs through all the villages of Val di Fiemme (departing from Molina) and of Val di Fassa, from Moena to Canazei. The bike path passes right in front of our Hotel Alle Alpi Beauty e Relax.

The Bike Express Fassa-Fiemme is an interesting opportunity for families with children who love cycling, for cyclists not on top form and for all those who wish to pedal along calmly and admire the panorama, stopping off amidst the green, visiting typical villages in the valleys of Fassa and Fiemme, counting on the bus service for getting back to their holiday resorts.

A bus takes cyclists who ride down the cycle path from Alba di Canazei to Molina di Fiemme back up to Val di Fassa.


Slight slope, downhill and very little uphill: the ideal itinerary for many cyclists. In Val di Fassa the wish to cover a pleasant trail of 49 km on two wheels, without tiring oneself, is realized along the cycle path that joins the Ladin land to nearby Val di Fiemme (estimated time to cover it is approximately 3-4 hours).

Thanks to the service Bike Express Fassa-Fiemme (a 30-50 seated coach provided with bike trolley), one can cycle from Alba di Canazei (1,517 m) down to Molina di Fiemme (965 m), the two termini of the valleys, and get back uphill on the convenient shuttle.

Timetable and prices

Service available: every Saturday and Sunday from May 14th to 29th; from June 2nd to 5th; every day from June 11th to September 18th; every Saturday and Sunday from September 24th to October 16th 2022.

There are 16 stops along the route where cyclists can get on or off, depending on where they set off from and their destination, with 3 daily runs, one in the morning (leaving Moena at 9:20am) and two in the afternoon (leaving Molina di Fiemme at 1:00pm and at 4:35pm).

The daily ticket, for any section of the route covered, costs 10,00 Euro per person for the adults (8,00 Euro for the Val di Fassa Guest Card holders) and Euro 5,00 for children up to 12 years, with or without bike transport (4,00 Euro for the Val di Fassa Guest Card holders). Bike child trailer extra charge 5,00 Euro (4,00 Euro for the Val di Fassa Guest Card holders).




Ticket booking available up to 30 minutes before the bus departure on the web site

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